Helpful Tool: Routine Charts for the School Transition
The back to school chaos felt harder this year. In the mix of all the school forms, back to school activities, and endless fall scheduling – the anxiety for both my kids and I crept in.
Robin Maddox
Director of Behavioral Health
Mother sits on one knee in front of a daughter who carries the school backpack and diary.
Although not a complete fix, creating morning and bedtime routine charts helped so much! It helped me feel like I am doing something to help my kids and also helped me organize what needs to get done in the mornings. Most importantly it helped my kids feel in control, independent, and also that their day is predictable.
6 reasons to implement routine charts
1. Routines help alleviate distress that happens during times of transition.
2. Routines help children thrive because they feel they have age-appropriate control and can be independent.
3. Routines help a child begin to anticipate, predict, and know what is expected of them.
4. Routines help children learn that things in life are predictable and help them feel more in control of their little world.
5. Routines help alleviate power struggles because everyone knows what needs to be done.
6. Routines promote healthy social and emotional development.
Here is the sample routine chart you can use to create your own. I even bought a laminator this year (which was so fun!)