Behavioral health solution for early childhood education

Clay identifies behavioral challenges in minutes, not years, and provides families and educators with the support they deserve.
Why Clay matters?
Early education centers are increasingly on the frontlines of the mental health crisis. Clay empowers preschools to better support children with disruptive behaviors and developmental delays. Our goal is to ensure children get the support they need as early as possible through early identification of any potential risk factors. Clay does this by providing continuous behavioral and developmental screening and tracking, personalized information to families based on results, reducing stigma around behavioral and developmental issues, and helping parents navigate the care landscape if an issue is flagged.

Clay offers a comprehensive suite of behavioral and mental health services for school communities.

  • Access to behavioral health consultants to trouble shoot scenarios in the classroom.
  • Virtual professional development for teachers around behavioral and developmental health.
  • Ongoing developmental and behavioral screening tools for children, in line with AAP guidelines.
  • Evidence-based, personalized interventions and strategies for parents and educators.
  • Behavioral health care navigation (based on screening results) for your families.
  • Psychoeducational content for families and educators.

Using best-in-class screeners to monitor progress.

Clay uses the SWYC as its main screening engine. The SWYC (Survey of Well-Being in Young Children) is an age-specific, comprehensive, first-level screener developed by researchers at the Tufts Medical Center for children ages 1 month to 5 1/2 years old. The SWYC combines developmental and behavioral questions with screening for autism, parental depression, and other family risk factors. It is designed to be sensitive enough to identify any child who may be at risk and encourage parents to have conversations with their physician.
SWYC in the Clay app

What early childhood operators have to say

Led by an experienced team of clinicians.
With decades of experience in pediatrics, behavioral health and child development.

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