O2B Kids Picks Clay as their Behavioral and Developmental Health Solution

O2B Kids is joining other leading early education centers in prioritizing behavioral and developmental health for their community

Clay, a virtual behavioral health solution designed specifically to support young children, today announced its partnership with O2B Kids, a leading preschool across Florida and Georgia. Clay is the first virtual behavioral health platform integrating with early childhood centers and comes at a critical time as the mental health crisis has deeply affected teachers and children.

This partnership acknowledges the important role and responsibility preschools have in turning the tides on the mental health crisis.

O2B Kids exists to help parents grow happy, successful kids. O2B Kids is a place that opens minds, improves self-confidence, develops social skills, and strengthens bodies. O2B Kids helps children discover hidden talents and promotes a passion for discovery. Friendships are developed and life lessons are learned. O2B Kids encourages kids to try new things and teaches a respect for people, property and ideas.

  Our partnership with CLAY is particularly advantageous for our parents and teachers.  However, the winners in this efficient yet thorough process are the children.  CLAY offers us a window into the world of each student from the perspective of both the teacher and the parent.  Early identification of areas where a student excels or may need help will benefit that child dramatically in their future success.  We feel that CLAY will give each student and family a leg up on their academic and developmental success.  You have nothing to lose….and everything to gain.  Use CLAY 

– Kate Sherrard

Creative Director, O2B Kids

This November, Clay will serve as the behavioral health partner to the O2B community (students, parents, teachers), with comprehensive behavioral health services including developmental and behavioral screening for early identification, personalized strategies, and behavioral support to drive better outcomes both at home and in the classroom, and proactive training for teachers around behavioral health.

 Supporting one of the largest child care providers in the United States is an incredible privilege and we are excited to reach the thousands of families and educators that are a part of O2B Kids. Together we are committed to ensuring children have the brightest future.”

– Lee Rotenberg

CEO and cofounder of Clay

About the team

Founded by repeat technology entrepreneurs Lee Rotenberg, Alex Schinasi and Omri Mendellevich, Clay is joined by a team of best-in-class clinicians with decades of experience at leading institutions such as Boston Children’s Hospital,  NYU Langone and the Family Institute at Northwestern. They are backed by healthcare thought leaders like Jonathan Bush of Athenahealth & Zus, Mark Frank of Sondermind and Scott Flanders of eHealth.

About the Product

Clay’s product allows for schools and their families to access a behavioral care team on demand when behavioral concerns arise. Their proprietary technology automatically assigns age-appropriate developmental & behavioral screeners, scores results and creates meaningful behavioral health assessments with care navigation on what to do next and evidence-based strategies to address the concern. The platform also powers teacher groups and parent groups moderated by behavioral coaches for immediate support.

The Clay app allows educators and families to keep a pulse of children’s behavioral and developmental challenges and to enable points of intervention when needed.

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