Assembled a team of best-in-class clinicians passionate about early childhood education.

Helping families is our priority

Support from the start.
All parents need a village. We are there for you from the earliest onset of concerns, and remain with you throughout the journey.

A whole-family approach.
In addition to building whole-family care into our model, we make sure you always have a trusted support system within Clay.

Compassionate care.
Our support meets you where you are. We believe in your family’s resilience, evolution, and growth.

Our mission is personal.

We are parents. We get it. The late hours asking “What do I do?” and feeling completely overwhelmed and alone in how to move forward. This is what drove us to build Clay.

At Clay, we are a team of best-in-class pediatric specialists with one shared goal: to change the way the world deals with behavioral and mental health.

Two Clay team members and 2 participants of the conference smiling.
Clay conference in a violet color light room.